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At R.Greenleaf Cannabis Dispensary in Alamogordo, we are committed to supplying our customers with the finest marijuana products in New Mexico. We take pride in being a reliable source for medical and recreational cannabis enthusiasts alike! Our dispensary provides the best cannabis products in New Mexico, as well as an informative experience full of expert advice on how to use your marijuana. Plus, you can take advantage of our exclusive rewards program! With our top-of-the-line selection, bespoke services, and unbeatable customer service–it’s no surprise that we are the go-to destination for cannabis needs. Come stop by to experience our offerings firsthand!



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50 reviews
  • Jerry Kilian
    Jerry Kilian
    2 weeks ago

    R Greenleaf is flying under the radar in Alamogordo. Easily the highest quality cannabis in town. New deals every week is a pretty cool concept. The rewards are great as well, so far the best program to get the most bang for your buck. Seed to shelf as well; so 9/10 you’ll have the same flower you’re looking for if you find a favorite.

  • Becca Pietz
    Becca Pietz
    4 months ago

    Love my store and the staff ,always very friendly and willing to help no matter the price! Love the fact there is an 8 dollar house strain! And discounts on pre rolls every tuesday!

  • Victor Ontiveros
    Victor Ontiveros
    4 months ago

    One is the lowest score I can give. My friend and I went in there on Sunday July 16, 2023. We each purchased an “In House “ 1/3g disposable cart. We leave the dispensary. Drove to the gas station. Opened our product to try it out. Took 1 hit each of each pen. Then we come to find my friend’s disposable pen looks completely empty on the concentrate mine looks half empty on one side the other completely empty. We go back to the dispensary to let them know of the situation. They did give us instore credit but not before inspecting the disposable pens we just bought claiming it had an air bubble. You couldn’t see any yellow concentrate in the pen. Im glad we checked our product before leaving Alamogordo. I advice you do the same if your a passing by and purchase here. Before you get ripped off. Oh and did i mention theres a 10% discount for locals but no discount at all for tourists. That’s not cool.

  • Gannon Dalton
    Gannon Dalton
    6 months ago

    One of the best dispensaries I've been to, and that's saying a lot considering I'm from California. The staff there are very personable and truly passionate about their job, they'll answer any questions you ask with transparency, which is uncommon now a days. They have extensive charts of terpene profiles and other graphs to help you choose what product you want based on strains you've previously enjoyed. On top of all this everytime you shop you earn points that will give you free bud and J's, discounts and merch too! All in all, the best dispensary I've been to in alamogordo is greenleaf, if you're looking for the cheapest bud you won't appreciate this place as I do, but, if you're looking for the best product and amazing staff then greenleaf is the place to go! (:

  • Jordan Hendricks
    Jordan Hendricks
    6 months ago

    Awesome staff. I would give five stars but nothing in this world is perfect so four is the best I can do. Good selection of products

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