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Everest Cannabis Co. is a cannabis dispensary that serves adults 21+ and medical patients living in the Albuquerque, NM area. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality and superior-tasting cannabis grown locally in New Mexico, since 2015.



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  • Lee Gifford
    Lee Gifford
    2 months ago

    An excellent shop. Priced for the middle class. About time we get a break. A nice atmosphere, and though I only delt with one person, it felt comfortable. Nothing but positives about this place. My girlfriend would have liked it a lot but she had appointments. She is 64, I am 74. The place is even walking distance..

  • Micah Conley
    Micah Conley
    a month ago

    Firstly, I was a regular customer here. I had a disagreement with the bud tender about the special on customer appreciation day. I felt he talked down to me. We could have agreed to disagree without all that. Curious as to why there is usually or usually no women working at this location? Women owned business with about one to five ratio women to men. I’ll go where it’s more in line with the population.

  • Bradley Littlejohn
    Bradley Littlejohn
    4 weeks ago

    These guys are great. Every time I go, they are respectful and courteous. Highly recommend. Great prices and good service.

  • Albert Toledo
    Albert Toledo
    a month ago

    The location is ok but somewhat difficult to get to but I placed an online order because I was on the southeast side of town. I placed roughly at 11:30am -11:45ish with pick up time at 12-1pm & NOWHERE DOES IT STATE I HAVE TO PICK UP BEFORE 12 NOON. Upon walking into the building everything seemed normal the lobby area was well lit, until you get to the back, it's so dark & unwelcoming. At this point I just wanted to get my order & leave but I was told that I have to pick up my order before 12pm noon time by the manager that wears a cap, his reasoning was "supposed to get traffic in building before noon" but he'll do it this time he says. I didn't catch his name unfortunately but I did explain to him I just placed the order 30-20 minutes ago with the pick up time & he just pulled out his phone & started doing something but its clear he did not want to accept the responsibility for any mishaps or miscommunication for the company. I did get my items with the online purchase but unfortunately I didn't qualify for the promotions they have with the wake n' bake deal 😭 EVEN THOUGH IT CLEARLY STATES "INCLUDING PROMO ITEMS".

  • Marshall Evans
    Marshall Evans
    10 months ago

    My girlfriend and I's favorite location to go to by far! It's close to home, never too busy and always has a great selection of what we're looking for. Plus, they offer great discounts on several of our favorite products. Shout out to Steve for the friendly service and always being so helpful!

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