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R.Greenleaf Cannabis Dispensary is a major Bel-Air and Midtown medical and recreational marijuana dispensary that serves the Albuquerque basin. Our goal as a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary in Bel-Air is to provide patients with a dependable supply of high-quality medicinal marijuana, as well as guidance on how to use cannabis effectively. We offer a number of services, including medical card help, a personalized rewards plan, and a no-questions-asked refund policy. Come in and discover why we’re Albuquerque’s best dispensary for yourself now.



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967 reviews
    3 weeks ago

    Awesome place with lots of great budget beginner accessories, which I appreciate. Great deals on quality flower and carts. We ended up visiting again and saw the flower sample table all set up, so you could inspect and smell the strains. I should've gotten names but everyone we spoke to is incredibly friendly; it's such a welcoming staff even if you don't know what you're looking for yet. They are happy to help you out, clearly knowledgeable about the product. Prices are clearly labelled. I also had to edit just to comment on the pre roll I got. The ones I purchased were on special but the quality of the roll was amazing. Some pre rolls I've had in the past feel thrown together, especially if they're promo ones, but everything about this was crafted to enjoy. Even, slow burn, never got messy, always hit hard. I was thoroughly impressed. Make this one of your spots to check out. You won't be disappointed.

  • Izzie Race
    Izzie Race
    a month ago

    first time going into a dispensary and the guys working made everything soooo easy! came in on customer appreciation day and ended up with way more than I was planning on for way less than expected 😎 John was great, SUPER knowledgeable and chill and made the experience a pleasant one for sure. was looped in about a ton of other specials as well so I’ll definitely be signing up for rewards and coming back!

  • Erica Lucero
    Erica Lucero
    in the last week

    I once loved this place but my last visit I was lied to. I spent $160 on junk! I came back and asked about it and the girl acted like it was no big deal! I will never come back!

  • Dionica Venegas
    Dionica Venegas
    a week ago

    Malerie helped me put for my bday :) they have great deals!! One of my favorite new spots!

  • Ernest Garcia
    Ernest Garcia
    a month ago

    Great service and prices, Jake really did a great job helping me out and choosing a product. 10/10 recommend

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