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R.Greenleaf Cannabis Dispensary in Nob Hill is a large medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. Our objective is to offer patients a consistent supply of high-quality marijuana, as well as information and recommendations for successful cannabis therapy. We provide a variety of services, including medical card assistance, a unique rewards system, and a no-questions-asked return policy. Visit us today to discover why we’re Albuquerque’s most trusted marijuana dispensary.



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326 reviews
  • Rashaan Pacheco
    Rashaan Pacheco
    a month ago

    Staff and location of this place are great! But after buying these gummies, I don't know if I wanna go back. I took 1.5 gummies last night hours before bed and never felt anything. I took more this morning and still have yet to feel anything. I only got them because the associate recommended them to me since they're the only vegan gummy the store has and I am so annoyed from it. I spent $30 on something that will be going in the trash...

  • C Williams
    C Williams
    3 months ago

    This store and it’s staff are the best in town! Product, convenience, prices, reward points… they can’t be beat. Only dispensary I go to anymore, because if it ain’t broke, why fix it? You can’t do better than these guys. They’re awesome!

  • Jr Melchor
    Jr Melchor
    a month ago

    Pay attention to the sales prices, they are scams!! It's cheaper for me to buy single grams than a half ounce on sale, how do you figure?! This was my go to spot but after getting taxed the way you guys do, just going to take my business elsewhere. Between inconsistent managers, staff and the taxing, I'm over it. I can easily get decent outdoor ounces for 100. The 50$ ones suck...but I choose to come here out of convenience and we'll, the staff. The staff changed. 250 an ounce for ok cannabis with no discounts is really just going to make me shop elsewhere with such a saturated market. The math is pretty simple. I'm taking my disabled self to Albuquerque Craft Cannabis from here on out.

  • Allison Tipton
    Allison Tipton
    4 months ago

    Excellent experience today! You guys were the best! Strains are amazing! Thank you for the bottle of cold water, it was hot out today! Thanks again! The girl on the bike😊

  • Druzy Thrift
    Druzy Thrift
    2 weeks ago

    Prices are high but the quality is higher, I've never gone to greenleaf and left disappointed the freshest flower in abq! Please if the Greenleaf growers see this grow extra Skywalker OG next time around please!

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