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Standing Akimbo is owned and operated by marijuana industry experts and cannabis advocates. We believe that our customers are best served with product knowledge and patient care. Standing Akimbo sees this industry as a way to improve customer health and lifestyle. From our grow staff to our budtenders, we take pride in servicing Colorado medical marijuana patients in the Denver area.



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  • ImThaOne
    in the last week

    Absolute worst place. 2nd time visiting trying to use my new credits after 60 days. And I get told something else again and can't use them. I'm not wasting my time here anymore Place is a scam and went to a money grab.. just go to reefer madness at least they have knowledge about the products

  • Chelsea Bohm
    Chelsea Bohm
    a week ago

    If I could, I'd rate as 0 stars, since the corporate took over, the price has gone up, and quality has gone down. My husband has been a patient here for years, and in the last year, employee turnaround, and product quality and price has been a major disappointment. Sadly goes to show what happens when a corporation that's just looking to make money, and doesn't care about their patients takes over a well known and respected establishment.

  • Megan Colleen
    Megan Colleen
    a week ago

    Akimbo WAS the best dispo. They USED to have the best deals and great staff. If you want to know how to completely destroy a business and everything it had going for them, have these new guys buy your business. I used to get 10% off every month and now they changed it to $50 every two months and the other incentives are all gone. That’s a Huge hit. Especially since the prices have gone through the roof for flower that’s been sitting for a month or more sometimes. What really bothers me is the way they treat their employees. I honestly can’t believe the store is still going. They had three of the original, wonderful staff left from when Akimbo was great and two recently were fired for false claims. I hope someone comes in and takes over to return Standing Akimbo back to a place where people treat others with respect and it’s a happy, pleasant atmosphere to shop at. Greed sucks!!

  • Chloe Bowen
    Chloe Bowen
    a month ago

    Why have 5-6 people working a busy morning but only 2 of them are actually at registers. I understand things get busy quick, but there were at least 2 employees just hanging around. I walked out after waiting for 20min and 2 people ahead of me. Very corporate but very slow, Schwazze as company is garbage.

  • Alex Militello
    Alex Militello
    a month ago

    Use to shop here exclusively for years and years and the new ownership change is a joke. There’s hardly any product in stock. The “daily deals” don’t change for over a month. The quality of the product is ridiculous. You can tell they are trying to keep prices down by buying worse brand and old flower. I use to hate to wait in a line that’s over 2 hours long but now that you can walk in with no wait goes to show people have moved on. Sad to see such a good depot go. :(

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