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Our curated retail experience is made to serve you and the city where you find yourself. Each Lighthouse holds the same standard of excellence, while telling the story of the places we are lucky to call home. Our bright and welcoming atmosphere is purposefully designed for comfort and accessibility. It’s cannabis made for you.



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41 reviews
  • Kármen Duncan-Tóth
    Kármen Duncan-Tóth
    7 months ago

    Fantastic location and the staff were so energetic - it felt like we were on a game show! The place was THE bougie-ist but NOT pretentious shop I’ve visited. It was lovely, great selection, nicely organized, had a great experience!

  • Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson
    2 months ago

    Went here to check out different spots in the area. Off the bat, the security guard snapped at my Mom for simply taking 1 or 2 steps sideways to see what it looks like. I don't appreciate that you take phone numbers for no reason, you don't need them unless you're selling people's info. Selection was mediocre at best, budtenders felt like car salesman that were weirdly formal and didn't seem to actually know what they were talking about. Prices are INSANE, bought an infused j for $25, for that price I expect higher quality, smoked half of it before the resin in it clogged and couldn't smoke the rest. Also, gave 1 person in our party a discount but not the other? Definetly trying to cater to high end clients that don't smoke and trick them into thinking it's good quality.

  • Sara Franco (-)
    Sara Franco (-)
    4 months ago

    You enter a world! Fantastic place

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J
    4 months ago

    Very clean and well-designed facility with excellent employees and good pricing. I am happy I came here for my products.

  • April Bowen
    April Bowen
    2 months ago

    The staff so nice, seems very knowledgeable. I Really fell in Love with Krista.

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