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Star Buds is a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Longmont, Colorado. Established in 2013 in Denver, CO, Star Buds is changing the way people think about cannabis and marijuana. By carefully curating the industry’s best selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals we have something for everyone – from the canna-curious to the daily consumer. Whether you visit one of our 25 locations or shop online, our knowledgeable staff will guide you through your cannabis experience. Take your time, have fun, and experience the Star Buds difference! We are open 365 days a year, 7 days a week including holidays for your convenience. Visit us today and see why our dispensaries are Shining High Above the Rest!



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  • Chance Ragan
    Chance Ragan
    2 years ago

    On my most recent visit, Sam and Katie welcomed me in with open arms. I’ve always felt welcomed by the staff here. Some people have a problem with the large jars that they keep their flower in, but I feel like it where the weed comes from is more important than where they store it. Regardless, the quality is wonderful. I’ve been going to this location for about three years. They usually have a pretty OK day selection of concentrates, and the edibles selection usually has some great brands. However, if you are looking for a place where you can get dependable flower all the time, look no further. I love the flower from this company more than any other in the state. Veritas is the only grower that I would choose over Starbuds’ premium shelf.

  • Morgan Marchand
    Morgan Marchand
    2 months ago

    Sarah is the BEST! She was super helpful in making suggestions for a ‘beginner’ such as myself. She even offered a discount on another product because one item was out of stock. The shop is very clean and inviting without being too “Apple Store” boring. Will definitely visit next time I’m in town!

  • Rhino Barret
    Rhino Barret
    a week ago

    I have been going to Starbuds since THE day they opened and have never strayed. That is for many reasons with the main reason being the people who owned/worked it. The prices and quality were always great too, with affordable bud that was great for it's price. When the Longmont store opened I had literally just moved there so it was perfect. Once again the people and product were amazing. This was the case until recently. This store has all levels of bud and they were appropriately priced until now. The shake and "managers special" is now no better than schwag, which is to say would've come from a brick in my day. They have taken step after step to make more money of these cheaper levels of bud by keeping the price the same and getting dramatically worse product. NOT EXAGGERATING AT ALL: I found over fifty seeds in one ounce of the managers special. They then counted out over 200 in 2.5 ounces!! Since then I have still gotten huge clusters of seeds in some different buds. It isn't about weight with seeds either, instead it is embarrassing to grow that kind of garbage, let alone sell it. Now they have started cracking down on their clearance bud so that you are paying bud price for scraps. It really is hard to understand how things have gotten so bad and I sincerely hope it changes so that I can change my review back to positive

  • aye.brownie.95
    3 months ago

    Really wanted to love this place! Fairly new to Longmont and have been trying to find my spot! They have amazing bud and a large variety of other products to choose from. However, my most recent visit on Monday has made me want to take my business elsewhere. I was wanting to give the young lady that was helping me the benefit of the doubt; but this is my third and last visit. She was extremely standoffish. Definitely understood a previous review I saw warning others of her and her rude and curt behavior. I would rather patronize somewhere that is happy to have me and doesn’t make me feel awkward or uncomfortable for making them do their job.

  • Madison Muell
    Madison Muell
    a week ago

    Awesome shop! Great hospitality, great staff, awesome product. 5/5

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