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R.Greenleaf Cannabis Dispensary in Las Cruces is the top medical and recreational marijuana dispensary serving Doña Ana County. Our goal as a recreational and adult-use cannabis store in Las Cruces is to provide customers with a consistent supply of high-quality, affordable weed. We provide a number of services, including medical card assistance, a unique rewards program, and a no-questions-asked refund policy. Visit today to discover why we’re Las Cruces’ most reputable marijuana dispensary.



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285 reviews
  • Desaree Borde
    Desaree Borde
    a week ago

    The atmosphere is GORGEOUS! I was taken care of by Issac. He was so knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed just by talking to me briefly. I felt like all my questions were answered, and I felt comfortable and not rushed. He was very knowledgeable about the products and I felt so warm and welcome. 10/10!

  • Donald Brewer
    Donald Brewer
    2 months ago

    To any UNITED STATES VETRANS!!!! Don't shop here for any reason. I'm a US Veteran. I retired from the Army after 11 years in the Regular Army. I am now a hundred percent disabled veteran also. I recently bought it to the managers attention that some how my loyalty points from purchasing products from their dispensary were writing. I had built up over 3000 points and from 6am the morning that their store said that I had that many points till around 3pm that same day their site said I only had 474 points. The manager said that he would take care of it and put those points back onto my account. The very next day my points were down to 370. So I called the manager that day and he told me that their system was messing up because that they changed to a new system and that he would call me back later that day when he resolved this issue. It's not been five days since he told me that he'd call me back. He had never given me the common curiosity of calling me back. So if advice anyone especially military veterans to go else where if they want not to get ripped off. Well I just tried to leave my information with the only means that I know of doing so work the manager at green leaf here in Las Cruces NM. Didn't get anywhere with them as usual. Don't know why the owner wants me to leave my information with him when, one there's no way to do that, two, if the OWNER of Green Leaf was an HONORABLE MAN or WOMAN, he or she would, leave anybody or me that has a complaint with their stores, their, meaning the owner or owners of green leaf, the information to get a hold of them DIRECTLY, not have to get the run around...... SINCERELY, A CONCERNED VETERAN FOR ALL VETERANS, DONALD E. BREWER

  • Amanda Buono
    Amanda Buono
    5 months ago

    Normally I don't have any problems with this place. At the old location it was great. Since they have moved there are some growing pains. I've called for 2 days with no answers. When I visited the store there was only myself and 1 other patient. Took forever to be seen and the guy moved really slow. Said no don't have the product on our list sorry. Then came back and said found 1. Grateful I took it. Now it doesn't work. I can't get a hold of anyone to find out their policies. Maybe after they have been settled in the hiccups with work out. For now I'm good on this location.

  • Nathania Anaya
    Nathania Anaya
    a month ago

    This use to be one of my favorite places but it has gone down hill and the customer service is hit or miss. Sad news on my birthday, I couldn't redeem because their system couldn't bring it up. Maybe next year. Maybe.

  • zeta coltezza
    zeta coltezza
    5 months ago

    I rarely review places, especially with bad reviews but this will be my first. I went in on Memorial Day looking for a cartridge. I picked one that sounded good for the price, and when I asked for it I heard the people in the back being rude to my cashier about why he didn’t upsell me to other carts. He came back with a few others in addition to the one I wanted and asked if I wanted them, but they were all double the price. I guess I should’ve listened, because the cheaper cart must have been fake. I have been sick with a horrible cough and sore throat and unable to sleep since I first used it. Once I realized that’s what was making me sick, I stopped immediately and slowly get better every day. I was really shocked at the experience as the reviews are generally good for this location.

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