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The Link Cannabis Co. advocates for a healthy 420 lifestyle. Our safe and secure shopping environment gives our customers the perfect place to discover new and exciting cannabis products. Known for having one of the widest menus of recreational cannabis anywhere in Washington, The Link Cannabis Co. offers the lowest prices on trusted quality products and we are open almost every day of the year, making The Link the right choice for all your cannabis needs! If you’re 21 years of age or older and can show a valid ID, come say hello and check out one our deals on cannabis and cannabis accessories.



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208 reviews
  • Meske Wright
    Meske Wright
    a month ago

    Went on my way back to Tacoma though Longview. This place is amazing! I wish it was feasible to make the drive regularly because this is my new favorite dispensary. Everyone was friendly and talkative and they hooked me up with some of the best product I've ever bought. I highly recommend this shop, especially if you aren't sure what you want or want to try something new

  • Tara G
    Tara G
    a week ago

    Do not come here, the manager is extremely unprofessional. This was normally my favorite place to go when I was out of town. Great product, great CBD choices. The manager tried to fast talk and talk down to my boyfriend and I. All over a 3$ item that wasn't labeled correctly. I understand it's quartz, but it's to small why dog us? We won't be returning, the vibes there aren't what they used to be Update: I do not travel across state line with product. I visit my family in Washington. I find this entire encounter unprofessional. Giving me a list and not talking to me privately to fix this matter is uncalled for. The manager needs to fix his tone because he comes off as quite rude. Ban me, please, because I won't be returning. Threatening legal action on your customers is not a good look. The before mentioned "label" was a small bag off to the side with larger quartz mushrooms that was indeed labeled $3 each. As the smaller ones we are talking about were not labeled at all. Hense the "fast talk".

  • Toni
    a month ago

    Friendly, knowledgeable comfortable and welcoming. I really like the convince of them being so very close proximity to my house here on this side of town which alleviates the need to go downtown. Even better when construction is complete.

  • Matt O’Keefe
    Matt O’Keefe
    a year ago

    Got two great products from The link today and like always great service! Moved near them and always go here. They are always awesome there and give great suggestions!

  • Oighrig Liadan
    Oighrig Liadan
    a month ago

    Staff is always friendly and helpful. Good selection of products and reasonable prices.

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