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The Link Cannabis Co. advocates for a healthy 420 lifestyle. Our safe and secure shopping environment gives our customers the perfect place to discover new and exciting cannabis products. Known for having one of the widest menus of recreational cannabis anywhere in Washington, The Link Cannabis Co. offers the lowest prices on trusted quality products and we are open almost every day of the year, making The Link the right choice for all your cannabis needs! If you’re 21 years of age or older and can show a valid ID, come say hello and check out one our deals on cannabis and cannabis accessories.



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  • Phil Clark
    Phil Clark
    5 months ago

    What makes a good weed shop? Well, some low prices here and there certainly helps. Nice to have a wide selection of products, too. Link hits those spots for me. Seems like inflation hit the price of edibles, with what once cost $15.00 for a 10x10mg bag of gummies went up over $20.00 with the Covid and all. I still got the bag in the picture for $15, though. I'm glad I got to the store 28 minutes after the guy ahead of me, who needed a half hour to discuss weed before buying something. Link can help that person, and me, who decided on my purchase the day before by checking the website, then just coming in to ask for it and buy. Link can help both of us. Easier for me when there are two clerks working, I'll grant you, but I've certainly got two minutes to wait. Especially during a non-rush hour time. So, overall, they're worth supporting. If you counted nine individual gummies in the photo with this post and remember me stating that it was a 10-pac bag, well that's because of some quality assurance testing I did while writing this review. That's a Mega Millions ticket there in the photo for tonight's drawing. I'll be giving some weed away if I hit the big one.

  • Matt O’Keefe
    Matt O’Keefe
    2 months ago

    Got two great products from The link today and like always great service! Moved near them and always go here. They are always awesome there and give great suggestions!

  • T
    2 months ago

    These guys are very good and it's the best place in Longview for great service and some of the finest quality products I have found,I've been using the products as soon as they were legal in the state of Washington.

  • Kathryn Hepburn
    Kathryn Hepburn
    5 months ago

    This shop CARES about every customer and it shows. This is the kind of place canna conversations with others in line happen with fun facts all around! I HIGHLY recommend this shop at both locations! They stock all the best options and teach you all along the way 🙌💚🙏

  • Amanda Kae
    Amanda Kae
    5 months ago

    Mike is the best to go to when you want to expand your cannabis knowledge. One of them is loud when excited but always brings a smile and always ready to help get you a deal. This store legit has gems you won't find around town.

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