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Hazy Daze Growers

Kitsap Peninsula

Hazy Daze Growers is a little one of a kind tier 2 farm based on the Kitsap Peninsula. We offer a variety of high quality cannabis products that are hand crafted by cannabis lovers for cannabis lovers. All of our products are produced and processed in house by one of our 7 team members and never machine processed. Although we don’t have any flower available on our menu we do grow all of our own flower in house that create this boutique product line. Hazy Daze weed is all grown indoors and processed in house by our experienced garden team so we can guarantee a fresh high quality product that customers can trust. Our prized top cut buds are grown specifically for the infused preroll line while the smaller buds and other materials are used to infuse our edible and topical line. We run a 10 day rotating harvest so products on store shelves stay fresh and delicious the way weed was intended to be consumed. If you’ve never tried something by Hazy Daze, this is my formal invitation to treat yourself.



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